The story started off with an enthusiastic Instructor who loved sharing his passion with others who shared that same passion!
His passion is so addictive that customers become friends and the friends become family. The group grew and we are currently sitting on over 3000 enthusiastic divers, diving as a group, with our fearless MSDT Instructor Richard.
We have evolved into a Group who knew the landscape very well and started organising SCUBA trips in South Africa and Mozambique. We have since then extended our tours and trips to non-divers as well. We have a very professional team who are well versed in border crossing and the Mozambique culture to ensure a pain free experience in Mozambique. Due to the fact that we are in Mozambique sometimes twice a month, almost all of the potential problems are sorted long before the time.

Starting off with only 1 Instructor and 1 Dive Master (Frik), we have expanded our professional qualifications…. Many of our students have taken the plunge and decided to become Dive Masters and Instructors, which is awesome!

We try not to use the word “club” as this is normally associated with club fees and meetings along with commitments etc. We work on a WhatsApp group and email that broadcasts pending trip/tours. With the launch of this page we now have an online Calendar too. Booking as a group we can get better deals and pass this on to you. It’s also fun going away with like-minded people that share the same interests.

Our clients become friends and friends become family! We would love for you to be part of our family so feel free to visit us at the Scuba Clubhouse for a chat.